Our Strategic Consulting division provides comprehensive advice for businessmen, companies and organizations’ leaders in their decision-making process, by interpreting and communicating key variables of the current socio-political context. Poliarquia Consultores contributes in the design and implementation of communicational strategies and provides advice on image construction and institutional strengthening.

Aimed at businessmen, institutions and investors. The service includes permanent advising through meetings, calls and email communications and includes access to most recent public opinion data as well as weekly confidential reports.
Directly performed by the company's directors to other companies’ directors, investors and bank CEOs, to explain the main characteristics of the current socio-political scenario.
Weekly reports that analyze the social, political and economic situation of the country and special reports that tackle most recent events.
El escenario político, social y económico de la Argentina presenta múltiples complejidades para aquellos stakeholders que no están plenamente familiarizados con sus actores y procesos. Con el propósito de explicar, simplificar y proveer conclusiones enriquecedoras sobre el contexto país, Poliarquía Consultores ha desarrollado una amplia gama de servicios orientados a sus clientes en el exterior. Los destinatarios de estos servicios incluyen bancos y fondos de inversión, firmas de capital privado, compañías multinacionales y cualquier empresa o individuo interesado en adquirir un conocimiento más profundo de la Argentina. Nuestra firma tiene la experiencia y los recursos para ofrecer diagnósticos significativos con el objetivo de facilitar el proceso de toma de decisiones. Los servicios incluyen el asesoramiento permanente a través de calls mensuales y comunicaciones vía email; presentaciones en los Estados Unidos, Europa y Latinoamérica a clientes internacionales interesados en ahondar su conocimiento sobre los procesos sociopolíticos en curso en Argentina; y la subscripción a reportes periódicos sobre actualidad política, social y económica del país.

Our Political Consulting division specializes in providing technical and professional support to national, provincial and local political leaders.

Poliarquía Consultores offers consulting and strategy services for political leaders. This service is directly provided by the company's directors and includes a short, medium and long term program for the electoral growth of a political leader or party. The service includes advising the client based on empiric evidence and theoretic approaches, constructing political and economic scenarios, participating in crisis or campaign committees, providing confident strategic information, and acting as a liaison between national and foreign leaders.
The service is oriented to maximize the electoral potential of the candidate during the campaign, through the elaboration and implementation of an electoral, communicational and advertising strategy. In order to do that, our consultants diagnose the main political trends of a particular district as well as the candidate’s profile (personal characteristics and professional experience) taking into consideration strengths and weaknesses. We also advise on the appropriate channels for communication and propaganda, how to develop a campaign committee, the fundraising structure, and the segmentation of the political message.
Poliarquía Consultores offers analytical tools for governments in order to provide them with reliable information about their overall image and leaders, identification of main problems, impact of public policies, and level of approval with the administration.

The Public Opinion division focuses on the analysis of society’s believes, attitudes and behaviors in order to elaborate reliable and accurate diagnosis about the trends that influence the decision-making process in the public and private sector. Poliarquía Consultores offers a considerable variety of systematic and ad-hoc studies, both qualitative and quantitative, following the latest techniques in social research. Our studies focus on the diagnosis of social and cultural events, the assessment of the population’s values, beliefs and opinions, the characterization of different social sectors, and the evaluation of institutions, organizations and public figures.

Since 2001, Poliarquia Consultores conducts a monthly national survey to monitor a series of social, political and economic indicators. Our historic series constitute one of the most completes ones of the country.
Poliarquia Consultores and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella jointly elaborate the ‘Trust in Government Index’, the ‘Consumer Confidence Index’, the ‘Index of Inflationary Expectations’ and the ‘Index of victimization’. Besides, Poliarquia Consultores prepares the ‘Citizens Optimism Index’ and the ‘Public Opinion Barometer’.
Poliarquia Consultores has broad experience in conducting public opinion studies concerning cultural consumption, religious beliefs, social values, electoral behavior, ideological positioning, political identity, economic expectatives, social discrimination, environmental practices, victimization levels, security habits, respect of the law, confidence in institutions, consumption and savings decisions, domestic economy.

The Market Research division specializes on the study of markets, products and services in order to provide strategic information and help our clients reduce uncertainty associated to investments and acquisitions. We provide a wide range of systematic and ad-hoc studies, following our client’s requirements, in order to address the challenges that companies and institutions face.

To measure and assess the level of satisfaction with a certain service and/or product among its clients and consumers. These studies can focus on the evaluation of customer service’s quality, pre-testing and post-testing publicity and/or institutional communication, the modification of tariffs’ adjustments, the impact of media actions, among others.
Intended to evaluate the institutional image of the company, assess the organization’s performance compared to its competitors, and inquire into the relative advantages and the values associated with the brand.
To explore the different types of clients and consumers, focusing on its real and symbolic needs, values, lifestyles and consumer habits.

The division of Energy, Environmental and Natural resources produces information about the social, political and cultural conditions that influence projects related to renewable and non-renewable resources in the country. Based on compared experience, qualitative and quantitative investigations and the analysis of regulatory and political frameworks, we elaborate actors’ maps, opinions and diagnosis on which we provide recommendations and plans of actions.

The division of Health Studies of Poliarquía Consultores is oriented to provide technical and professional support in market research focused on the area of medicine and health care. To this end, Poliarquía Consultores works with professionals specialized in the subject, facilitating an interdisciplinary approach to the issue.

Through quantitative and qualitative techniques, the Health division specializes in the elaboration of precise diagnoses and in the comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced by our clients, providing advice in the elaboration of successful commercial strategies, brand positioning and satisfaction of services.